CLONE at workCLONE is a collective of musicians who have been performing electronic music in the Philippines since 1999.

CLONE was started by keyboardist/arranger Lionel Valdellon in reaction to four years of being in a cover band. The idea was to perform music that was his own, music that was electronic yet still soulful, even if it meant going it alone. Luckily enough, after one gig as a solo artist, CLONE became a duo with its its
first recruit: manic prog-jazz drummer Andre Quimpo.
___ The group found a booking at an arts cafe venue called OraCafe for 3 weeks straight in February of 1999. The first two nights with Andre on drums and Lionel on keyboards. Then a third recruit entered the picture: samplist/noise enthusiast Karlo Samson.
___ By May 1999, with an impending major gig at the Music Museum, a fourth member was recruited, soulful vocalist and psychic Sheerin Castillo who became CLONE's voice.
___ CLONE has been performing since 1997 with various permutations of its line-up, even including guest vocalists such as Goya Bulahan, guest musicians such as Armand Quimpo on guitar, and numerous guest poets doing spoken word performances.

Recently however, with an intentional change in direction from performing vocal-heavy, song-based material to playing full-blown groove-based dance music, CLONE is more often than not the duo of Karlo and Lionel.


Lionel Valdellon on keyboards and laptop programming.
Karlo Samson on samplers, groovebox and keyboards.
Ria Mariano on vocals.

Sheerin Castillo on vocals.
Andre Quimpo on drums and percussion.

Find out more about CLONE at our F.A.Q. page.



contact: cloneteam@yahoo.com