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+ in (June 2001)
Artist of the Month Interview
In June of 2001, CLONE was Artist of the Month on the now-defunct MP3MANILA website, we were able to take screenshots and archive the interview. [full story] [screenshot 01, 02]

+ in Chalk Magazine (December, 2000)
Electronica by Toti Dalmacion
"Imagine the melodic nuances of Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, Bjork, Moloko, and latter-day EBTG, laced with classical themes of life, love and longing and sprinkled liberally with a subtle, biting humor. That's the music of Clone." [full story]

+ in (December 9, 2000)
CLONE: Preaching Life Through Electronic Music
Beneath the pulse of the electronic beat lies the heart of the human soul; dance music as shamanic force, lyrics as discovery of thought. Girl Chakra hangs out with CLONE, one of the most atypical bands in the local scene, and they talk about hauling gear, doing what they want, and, um, gorgeous posteriors. [full story]

+ in (August 19, 2000)
CLONE: A Techno Revolution With Holiness & Hedonism by Girl Chakra.
If there's one thing you can say about Clone, they're not as serious offstage as they are on. The techno trio drowned us in a world of sexy soulful electronic music. Weird-ass songs with real lyrics and verses and choruses, but with all those little squeaks and drums which bang around like mice in a dirty kitchen. [full story]