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This section is also called: "Questions that your typical lazy hack journalist-who-does-no-research will ask you." We know this firsthand since both Karlo and Lionel have at one point been journalist hacks.


Where did you get your name "CLONE"?
The name Lionel came up with originally was "Kaneda's Clones" which was inspired by the Japanese animated film Akira. An amateur numerologist then told the group that the name "Clone" would bring better luck. The shorter name was decided upon for the luck, although we have yet to feel lucky.

Who are your musical influences?
Artists such as: Moloko, Morcheeba, Stereolab, Bows, Lamb, Everything But The Girl, The Orb, Orbital, Brand New Heavies, Portishead, Massive Attack, Smoke City, Fatboy Slim, 808 State, New Order, Hooverphonic, Mono.

How do you classify your music?
It's electronic. These days it's mostly dance music, but it is also sometimes a bit of jazz, trip-hop, chill-out, drum and bass, techno, and IDM.

Do you want to be signed to a major label?
If any want to sign us, we'd give it a go. And we did shop around our demos back in 1999. However, there was and still is little demand for this music on a mass scale in the Philippines.

Why do you do this?
Because we love the music. We love creating the music, we love listening to this sort of music.

What Tenets Does Clone Live By?
(1) Play what feels good. Don't allow yourself to stagnate in a band that plays songs you can't live with. That's called wasting your life and talent.
(2) Opportunities don't come. You make them. No gigs? Organize them. No bandmates? Do it alone.
(3) Be unique. Be yourself. Give voice to your soul.